Fairy-Tale Farm Wedding

In 2004, I was in my first year of teaching at a small middle school in Monroe, Georgia. I couldn't have asked for a better group of kids to teach--particularly a sweet, red-headed girl who was all smiles and probably had the highest average in my class consistently throughout the year! If someone had told me then one day she'd be teaching my daughter horseback riding lessons and I would be photographing her wedding, I would have never believed it! It was pretty obvious Elizabeth would be someone special--she danced, had the lead in the school play, was captain of the cheer-leading squad and rode horses...so it was inevitable that she ended up with a special guy!
Both Luke and Elizabeth were born in Jackson Tennessee--but they didn't meet until years later when Luke saw a picture of Elizabeth (provided by her older sister Madeline) and knew he had to meet her. He invited her to a bonfire in Jackson when Elizabeth was visiting family for the Christmas holidays, and that was the first of many dates! Even though they were entering into a long-distance relationship, they did so agreeing to see where God would lead them! That's the pretty awesome thing about this couple--it's evident that God has been the center of their relationship from the beginning, and He worked through them separately as they discovered their purpose before bringing them together when Luke proposed on June 23, 2016.
Luke has been an amazing support for Elizabeth--from assisting with horses on the set of Sleepy Hollow (and even acting as as a stunt double and character from time to time) to sending her roses (I was there for a lesson for my daughter when they arrived one Valentine's Day!) to building the arbor in the sweeping pasture where they exchanged their vows. I was blessed to be a part of their special relationship in capturing their engagement photos as well as their wedding day--and both times Luke was the epitome of a southern gentleman! He always answered me with "Yes, Ma'am", helped hold my equipment, and even helped me scramble over a pasture fence the day of their wedding for some shots!
June 17, 2017 was a beautiful day--Mr. and Mrs. Dabney worked tirelessly to ready their scenic farm for Elizabeth and Luke's wedding, and their efforts didn't disappoint! The long tables on the back lawn were draped with white table cloths, blue glass vases and pink roses. Romantic outdoor lights were strung across the tables. I had a wonderful time photographing Elizabeth's wedding day, and one of my favorite moments was walking in front of Elizabeth and her father as they rode out to the pasture where the ceremony would take place. I ran ahead once we got close, and shot some pictures of them cresting the hill--Mr. Dabney looking handsome in his jacket and cowboy hat and Elizabeth looking every bit the stunning fairy-tale bride with her gorgeous gown and riding her white horse, Accolade. I don't think there was a dry eye as those gathered to witness Luke and Elizabeth exchange vows watched that scene--and I know it's a moment I'll never forget.
After a touching ceremony where Luke and Elizabeth pieced together a cross and exchanged vows, they sealed their promises with a kiss--Luke even dipped Elizabeth--so romantic!! They celebrated with dancing and dinner on the patio, and cut probably the most gorgeous wedding cake I've ever seen! The cake was made by Elizabeth's aunt and was STUNNING! They ended their special day with a sparkler send off and a lantern. Their beautiful day was every bit as special, classy, and elegant as they are, and I was truly blessed to be a part of it! Congratulations to an amazing couple--may God bless your marriage and always be in the center of it!
Elizabeth's wedding took place at Dabney Farm in Mansfield, Georiga--Dabney Farm is available to rent as a wedding venue! Check them out!