Debbie of Daffodil Acres

Anne of Green Gables is dear to my heart. Growing up, and still today, reading those stories, or watching the classic series on TV, could transport me back in time to Prince Edward Island, the Lake of Shining Waters, or the White Way of Delight. Anne often referred to Diana as a "kindred spirit", and as a busy mom, I can count on one hand the "kindred spirits" I have in my life. After heading to South Georgia to shoot my best friend's wedding, I think I have found another kindred spirit. Meet Debbie of Daffodil Acres--a multi-talented farm girl who can haul a heavy load of hay, can just about anything she grows of her farm, take beautiful pictures and write imaginative children's books about the animals who live on Daffodil Acres. I got the opportunity to visit her beautiful farm and meet some of her animals! She raises sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, has horses and a steer. I have to admit--I'm a little obsessed with farm life (thanks to Little House on the Prairie and Joanna Gaines) so I was over the moon to hang out at Daffodil Acres. Debbie fixed me fresh guinea eggs for breakfast (amazing) and we traded some photography tips and took a few pictures of the animals on her farm. She emailed me a copy of her manuscript, Amelia Lambheart, to read to my five-year-old daughter. Ya'll--this book is so cute, and I was able to meet the star of the story! (In fact, she was quite interested in my camera!) The story details a lamb who wants to fly (given the name Amelia Lambheart because of the brown circles around her eyes that resemble goggles) and subsequently gathers discarded feathers from chickens and ducks in an attempt to fashion a set of wings. Now this English-teacher turned photographer was super impressed with Debbie's talents! I'm encouraging her to blog more about her farm life and maybe share some fun how-to's or recipes--so if you'd like to follow her farm, look it up on Facebook or Instagram (Daffodil Acres). You'll find some blog posts, some great photos taken by Debbie of her animals, and fun stories about them....and maybe, in the near future, a published children's author!